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In current days, the use of internet via smartphones and tablets has come to the same level as computers. With mobile application that is designed for AKINSOFT E-Commerce software customers, you can make advertisement and sales via mobile devices. The better your customers can reach you from different channels, the better.

When you buy AKINSOFT E-Commerce Mobile Application package, we publish your website Android and Apple store.

What can be done with AKINSOFT E-Commerce Mobile?
  • Products' images, explanations, details and features that published on AKINSOFT E-Commerce website can be viewed on mobile application.
  • Users can order products on the web site.
  • Product search can be done in the application.
  • With showcase feature, showcase options that published on AKINSOFT E-Commerce can be viewed on mobile application.
  • Opportunities can be showed to the customers.
  • Payment of the sales can be received on mobile with payment options.

AKINSOFT E-Commerce Mobile applications have being updated. Follow the end point of technology with us, a structure that is evolving and regenerating every moment.

You can download Digimarketim application on Appstore or Google Play to view Mobile E-Commerce.



ENTERPRISE MOBILE package has been added to AKINSOFT E-Commerce (IET1) program. Customers who prefer this package will be offered mobile client applications to run on Android and IOS operating systems. Mobile applications will be published in application stores under the account of AKINSOFT developer by giving customer's web site page. E-Commerce Web Site :

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