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XML Integrations
Integration with more than 300 supplier companies

Some of Our XML Integrations

Solution Partners of XML Integration Service
You can be integrated with more than 300 supplier companies directly via our solution partner . This service is charged extra according to the type of xml integration requested by the solution partner.

Katman Yazılım XML Integration Price Table

Service Type Customer's First Purchase Annual Renewal Fee Supplier Unit Price (For Once) Standard Product Group Supplier Unit Price (For Once) Variant, Spec, Textile Products
XML Panel 1st Level $100,00 $100,00 300,00 TL 500,00 TL
XML Panel 2nd Level $200,00 $200,00 300,00 TL 500,00 TL

XML Panel 1st Level: Provides transform in one link to AKINSOFT by merging suppliers.
XML Panel 2nd Level: Merges the suppliers by providing category match, category rating, brand rating depends on category, category filtration, xml customization and transforms in one link to AKINSOFT.

  • The prices do not include VAT.
  • Payments are sent to Katman Yazılım.
  • The rates of The Central Cank of The Republic of Turkey are considered.
  • Pricing is per domain.

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