1 Piece Logo Design Operation : This operation includes 1 piece logo design that is requested and sent to AKINSOFT Web Department by the companies.

Note : If there is a logo that is sent from firm, the logo is applied to website without designing.

Individual Interface Design : The designing includes the visual changes that are done without going out of the working structure of E-Commerce system and in accordance with the information like casts and color options that are get after conversation with firm.

Note : The customers who request special design by showing the sample websites can request some features of the sample website in AKINSOFT E-Commerce system. Such requests are forwarded to AKINSOFT R&D Department in writing (except for Concept Design Price) and evaluated by R&D Department to specify if the operation is paid or free.
Special theme design can be made for only pro and promobile packs. (Note: Get offer for price.)

Special Design References
MOBILE APPLICATIONS OPENING SCREEN AND ICON DESIGN Custom launch screen and icon design for mobile applications
80 $