Promotion Management

It is a very painful process to run an e-commerce business in such a competative environment.
But with the promotion management systems, you can reel in visitors and make them tempting offers to choose you.

Promotion Management

Apply discounts in many different ways by creating promotion/campaign definitions
AKINSOFT E-Commerce Features

Amount/Stock Based Promotion

Total amount or stock based discount

Complex Promotion

Brand, model and category based and amount and quantity based promotions

Amount Based Promotion

Configuration installment limits on a per category or product basis

Customer Specific Promotion

Set discount specific to customers or dealers

Group Based Promotion

Set discount by specific member and dealer groups

Brand Selection

Select products, categories or brands to apply discount
AKINSOFT E-Commerce Features
Defining a promo code so that your customers can redeem it in their shopping cart
AKINSOFT E-Commerce Features
Collecting points from shopping cart total and using at next purchases.
AKINSOFT E-Commerce Features
Collecting points for new memberships, initial purchases and reviews